Pinning Ahead

Our life is beginning to find its rhythm, and at long last, things are getting made up, put up, and hung up.   Lili and I have been trying to find a time and place for new photo outfits, but this has become a small challenge.  Lili is now in school (yes, a traditional school!) so morning photos are out.  Sadly, I must say good bye to my flattering morning grey light.  Late afternoon will probably have to do, which we discovered on on first day in Indiana, is until 9:00pm.  We'll figure it out, like everything else here.

Until then, I unearthed a formerly forgotten photo card during our unpacking.  I pinned the images last Friday to Pinterest but I  thought it would be nice to post them here with the clothing detail and to say a final farewell to my favorite morning-lit corner.

sleeveless coat: zara    pants: gap    flats: kenneth cole    sweater: h&m

pants: gap    vest: kenneth cole from years ago    shirt: gap   flats: chinese laundry

sweater: gap    silk pants: jcrew    sandals: ralph lauren    necklace: asos

men's shirt: target    pants: gap     loafers: gap

v neck sweater: target    men's shirt: target    faux leather skirt: h&m     boots: nine west

On a personal note, thank you so much for your love, strength and encouragement.  I feel very blessed to have aligned myself with such a supportive group of women.  Our life has greatly changed since last September, but I can honestly say, I'm excited to move forward, full speed ahead.  I'm also excited to figure out what a Hoosier is and to master the roundabout!

What the? Really?
(I'll admit, I've been stuck on the inside more than once.)

So This Happened...

 Here is a bullet point review of what’s been going on these last months…

(Backstory…My husband and I decided to take some time apart last September.  Three weeks later I was blindsided by a phone from his lawyer telling me I was getting a divorce.)

  • Lost our livelihood
  • Hired a lawyer
  • Made it through the Holidays
  • Took a part time job with a client and continued running my business
  • Filed and received temporary support for the kids and me
  • Helped Keegan apply for colleges
  • Spent a good two months being really, really angry
  • Stopped wearing heels
  • Got help for the anger
  • Congratulated Keegan for getting into college (CSUSM)
  • Realized things were looking up and the kids and I were going to be okay
  • Landlord put condo up for sale
  • Packed everything up and tetris-ed it into storage
  • Moved out of the condo and into my brother’s guest room for two weeks waiting for Keegan’s graduation day
  • Keegan graduated from high school
  • Moved Lili and myself to my mom’s for another two weeks, Keegan moved in with his dad
  • Rented a house in another state
  • Took everything out of storage and crammed it onto a moving truck
  • Piled Keegan, Lili, our dog Owin, and me into my Mini Cooper Countryman and drove across the country
  • Arrived in Indiana four days later
  • Moving truck arrived four days after that
  • Began our new life in Indiana

It’s been six months since my last post and one month since our move here.  I’m not sure what to expect nor am I making any plans.  I’ve learned for us, it’s best to ride it out and see where this adventure take us.

(Backstory…I’m a sixth generation Southern Californian living in a small Midwestern town with cornfields, thunderstorms and hot air balloons.  This is going to be an interesting ride.)

photo take from my son's window; not kidding about the hot air balloons

Why Didn't I Post This?

This was sitting in the drafts on blogger.  I'm not sure why I didn't post it.  Most likely I was having one of those "I'll get back to it" moments and never did get back to it.  I'm discovering many "I'll get back to it" items as I'm finally opening up files, boxes, and ignored computer folders.  It's been awhile, but I feel as if I'm getting back control of my life, no longer having to react to what is happening, but getting to decide what is going to happen.  It's time to tackle the "I'll bet back to its" and  clear the way for the "I can't wait to get to its."

trench: h&m     tee: son's closet     scarf: tjmaxx
jeans: american eagle    booties: urban outfitters

It's Been a Casual Week

blazer: zara (sleeves cropped)   blouse: zara    pants: zara     shoes: nine west

sweater: zara    striped tee: zara     leggings: macys     boots: amazon

sweater: h&m ($10!)    scarf: h&m    jeans: american eagle    boots: zara

Finn, not waiting patiently for his walk.

scarf: gift :)    shirt: h&m     jeans: american eagle     boots: steve madden

Off to my son's performance of Iliad & Odyssey and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or Less.  I will return in the morning...
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