Weekend Wear

sleeveless coat: zara     striped sweater: old navy     jeggings: american eagle     oxfords: chinese laundry

cape: h&m     buffalo checked shirt: gap     jeggings & shoes: same as above

The temperature rose by 30 degrees this weekend, which I assume are normal temps for this time of year.  But really, is there such a thing as normal weather anymore? 

Lili and I are off to Chicago for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Our neighborhood friends have requested us to stop by a Garrett Popcorn Shop while we are in the city.  I had no idea what a Garrett Popcorn Shop was, so I looked it up on the internet.  Carmel and cheesy popcorn goodness, oh yes, we are stopping there, and bringing tubs of gourmet popcorn home for everyone!  And you know, if you give a kid some popcorn, you must have a Harry Potter movie marathon to go with it.  

Various Stages

birthday scarf: h&m    coat: old navy    chambray shirt: old navy    long sleeve tee: target
jeans: america eagle    capri tights under jeans: target    birthday boots: zara

My various stages of dress/undress throughout the day.  

It's my birthday week and below are a few things that have been delievered through 
the snow, rain, and sleet.  Thank you UPS, FedEx, and the USPS

Flowers from favorite son.

Boots from Zara here*

Bracelet from my friend Misti*
Silver Circle Bracelet here

Scarf from H&M here*

*Not affiliated with any of these merchants, just happy to share where the items came from.

Snow Magic

"vegan" leather pants: h&m    sweater: h&m     peacoat: gap    boots: steve madden

chambray shirt: old navy    tee: target    sweater vest: zara    scarf: banana republic    
jeans: american eagle    boots: zara     coat: target

coat: pim&larkin     faux leather vest: target     oxford: target mens    
black crew neck sweater: target    coated jeans: old navy    boots: nine west

As my romanticized dream of living in a town with four seasons has become a reality, I was rewarded this morning with a blanket of snow that gave my neighborhood a magical illusion.  It looked exactly how I thought it should look (a little bit of the illusion was lost when Owin peed, but only a little). There were white rooftops, snow covered hedges, and the sound of neighbors scraping their windshields, it was better than I had imagined.  

With winter arriving a little early, and me being such a snow novice, this weekend I turned to your comments left on my last post and compiled a list of clothing to purchase and winter boots to be considered.  Thank you for your advice.  I'm hoping if I follow your suggestions and keep myself warm, I'll be able to keep the magic alive until Spring.  Or at least until Lili and I take a trip back to California in February.

Holy Vortex

cape: zara     leather jacket: macys     cotton sweater: gap     tank: old navy    
jeans: american eagle     boots: zara     cotton scarf: gap

This morning, I had no idea what I was doing.

Reading about 28 degree weather is one thing, but taking your dog out to do his business in the morning and being stopped by your lovely neighbor to talk about his retirement while the wind kicks up and sends bone-chilling gust through the rips in your jeans and ungloved hands because you didn't realize how cold 28 degrees is and you didn't think about wearing gloves or tights under your jeans because of never experiencing a windy 28 is an entirely different thing. 

I have so much to learn and 10 little cold toes that need to be protected.

Taking on the Polar Vortex with a Southern California closet is going to be a challenge.  Thank goodness for the internet, and stylish blog post from stylish women who live in colder climates and manage to pull off looking cool while the temps drop to the negatives. 

Today, I'm putting on layers, and as soon as I get myself to Nordstrom's Rack, I'll be pulling on wool socks.  Oh, holy Vortex, challenge accepted.

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