It's Been a Casual Week

blazer: zara (sleeves cropped)   blouse: zara    pants: zara     shoes: nine west

sweater: zara    striped tee: zara     leggings: macys     boots: amazon

sweater: h&m ($10!)    scarf: h&m    jeans: american eagle    boots: zara

Finn, not waiting patiently for his walk.

scarf: gift :)    shirt: h&m     jeans: american eagle     boots: steve madden

Off to my son's performance of Iliad & Odyssey and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or Less.  I will return in the morning...

Up By Six

sweater: zara   skirt: zara   boots: zara

started the day with this...
navy sweater: zara   skirt: zara   boots: pour la victoire (amazon)

legs were tired so ended the day with this...
navy sweater: zara    pants: h&m    shoes: chinese laundry

black sweater: zara    jeans: american eagle    shoes: chinese laundry

shirt: gap   vegan peplum: piper lime   jeans: banana republic    pumps: ninewest

(I apologize for the quality of the photos.  This week, we took the photos in the afternoon, on gray days, and the photos were very dark.  These photos have been brightened post download and the sharpness really suffered from the edits.)

Tomorrow, January 31, I plan on being the recipient of a brand new $20 bill.  At the beginning of the month, my daughter and I challenged each other to increase our workouts.  The one who put in more minutes by the end of the month would win the bounty (yes, minutes, not hours; baby steps people, baby steps).  As of tonight, I am up 6 minutes*.  I smell victory and enough money to order a large pizza!

*my workout includes dog walking, three pound weight routine for my arms, an intro to yoga video played in my bedroom so I can stay in my pjs, and a turn on our lifecycle where I play solitaire on my tablet while I ride.  You can see, this is a workout of a champion!

My daughter read this post and has put on her workout gear.  This is going to go down to the wire.

Sales, Spring, and Sarah

trench: macys   jeans: american eagle    shoes: nine west    scarf: gift

wearing a regular tee underneath

skirt: jcrew   shirt: mens gap (clearance!)   shoes: zara

skirt: piperlime   shoes: chinese laundry   blouse: french connection

sweater: zara    pants: gap    shoes: chinese laundry (sister to the navy ones)

skirt: zara    shirt: mens gap (clearance)   shoes: jessica simpson

Hello Thursday!
As my niece freezes her tail off in New York, I'm enjoying an early Spring, which I imagine will cause all sorts of sub temp havoc and freak hail storms during our summer.  But for now, I have no complaints.

January is always a great month for me.  The holidays are over, my house is almost clean, my exercise equipment is dusted off, and Zara has their annual sale (www.zara.com)!  Last year I concentrated on finding blouses at an unbeatable price.  This year, it was skirts and sweaters, which I scored a few at $15.99 & $19.99.  Feeling like I was ahead of the game, I also stopped off at the Gap and grabbed my son the plaid shirts pictured above (under $10 each).  Needless to say, he never got them :)

Now, if you plan to do some damage at Zara or click over to their website and have never shopped there before, the sizes are NOT vanity sizes aka the Gap.  I'm a large in almost everything and the dresses are usually too short for me (but perfect for my 5' 5"daughter…2 dresses…$19.99 each).  To put this in perspective, I'm just shy of 5'11", my middle is almost as big as my hips, I wear a size 6T in Gap pants, and 8T in JCrew blazers.  The Gap mens plaid shirts I'm wearing are a medium.  I wish you all successful shopping.

One more thing…
The GREAT Sarah Von Bargen was kind enough to include me in her "Real Life Style Icon" feature on her blog Yes and Yes (I'm a subscriber). I'm a big fan of Sarah and her blog and one day, I plan on running into her while sipping coffee at an outdoor cafe in a country whose name I'm unable to pronounce.
Feature HERE

Cheers and have a wonderful week.  See you next Thursday!

12 Days of Clothing Part 3

faux leather pants: h&m    blouse: h&m     shoes: target    
purse: gift from my mom; she owns the same one :)

cape: h&m    pants: gap    shoes: marc fisher     tee: zara

sweater: piperlime    faux leather pants: h&m    shoes: vanns    tee: h&m

sweater: zara    pants: zara    shoes: chinese laundry

What's that saying, 'When man plans, God laughs"?

It took me forever, but here is the final installment of my 12 Days of Clothing in December.  It seems my last week in December must have been dark and moody considering the color and comfort level of my clothing.  What I remember from that week (it was last year) was trying to keep my old nemesis, depression, from making an appearance.  I was able to fend him off by keeping busy.  The leather pants helped a bit too.  Nothing says "back off" like throwing on a tough pair of pants and channeling Lara Croft, Tomb Raider.

Now that we're into the new year, I feel like I've turned the corner and starting to settle into my new life.  The weather here has been incredibly mild and I've really hit my stride this week with some great pencil skirt/plaid shirt combos that I can't wait to share with you.  Of course, the plan will be to return to posting three times a week, but for now, I've schedule Thursday to be my blogging day, with 3 to 4 outfits per post.

Here's to the New Year and another chance to get it right ;)

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